Sunday, November 24, 2013

Day 20 of the 21DSD

Today is day 20!  I woke up late this morning (we have a foster puppy who is sick and kept us up all night) and my husband had made breakfast.  I did take eggs out of my diet but it has been almost two weeks now and guess what he made?  Yep, eggs with chorizo, tomatoes and avocado.  Was I going to turn it down?  Nope!  So, I ate it and I can say, I didn't feel any different.  Hopefully, I can eat eggs without a problem.

I totally forgot to go to the farmer's market this morning.  Boo!  I guess I was too sleep deprived.
So either Whole Foods or the grocery store for me this week.  I have a farm pick up Monday for my meat and eggs.  I ordered some chicken feet too to make some great chicken broth.

My family ordered pizza for dinner.  Not just pizza hut but good New York style pizza.  I did not eat any but I sure wanted some.  I have not been eating dairy this detox but I did have tomato with mozzarella.  It was bette than eating pizza!

Here were my meals today

Chorizo, eggs, tomato and avocado

Mug cake from PaleOMG

Chicken thighs, acorn squash and tomatoes with mozzarella

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