Sunday, August 10, 2014

Healing Foster Dogs with Real Food

If you follow me on Instagram, you know that I foster dogs through a local rescue group called K-9 Angels Rescue Houston.    All of the dogs from K-9 Angels are pulled from high kill shelters in the Houston area.  I have been fostering for a year now and I have to say it has been a very rewarding experience.

It all started last year when my youngest went away to college and my husband went to London for a business trip.  For the first time in 20+ years, I found myself alone.  I had been following K-9 Angels on Facebook for a while but never contacted anyone about fostering.   That week they posted a picture of a yellow lab named Buttercup that needed a foster.  Since I already had two labs, I thought this would be a great foster for us.   I fostered Buttercup and we ended up fostering her for almost 3 months while she went through heart worm treatment.   When she finally found her forever home, I was devastated.  I loved her so much and it was hard to let her go.
Our first foster Buttercup

The same day Buttercup was adopted, we picked up Hershey a chocolate lab puppy and so the cycle began.  The first foster was the hardest to let go and I do miss them all but every dog we foster is a dog saved from certain death.

Most of the dogs (we mostly foster puppies) are malnourished and usually get sick (mostly with kennel cough).  I have  really enjoyed watching the puppies grow and gain weight under my care.  I usually add bone broth to every dogs food, sometimes I add egg yolks (from my farmer Yonder Way Farm), liver and coconut oil to their grain-free dog food.

We even fostered a now Paleo famous pup named Scout!  If you follow Liz Wolfe from Real Food Liz, you may know that she adopted a rescue dog she named Scout.  That was our foster puppy!
Scout with her new mom's book!
Scout and Liz

We have now fostered 23 dogs and even have adopted one of our fosters-Julian.

Our foster fail-now apart of our family- Julian

If you ever get a chance to foster, it really is a rewarding experience.  If fostering is not for you just remember- adopt don't shop!

If you are reading this in August of 2014 and would like to donate to my walk fundraiser for K-9 Angels, it would be most appreciated.  All money my team collects goes to K-9 Angels so they can continue saving lives.

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  1. Love that you foster! My husband and I foster kittens during the kitten season. It is the hardest, most rewarding thing I have ever done. So as one foster "mom" to another, thank you!!